Top Ten of the Coolest Google Chrome Tips

Google’s Chrome browser is rapidly becoming the standard that other browsers are measured against in terms of speed and usability. There’s a ton to be written about how to get the most out of Google’s deceptively-simple browser but for now here is a special post Google Chrome Tips. If you are using Google Chrome, this is going to be incredibly useful for you.

1. Using The Addressbar as a Calculator

chrome tips  10 Google Chrome Tips for Students

I was really surprised when I figured out that this was possible! I am sure a lot of you guys will be too. To use Google Chrome as your calculator, you just need to type in the mathematical query on the addressbar or the omnibox.

2. Add Easy Wikipedia Search To Google Chrome

Doing a lot of Wikipedia searches on Google Chrome? Here is a cool tip. Get one of these two extensions and make those searches faster.

  1. Wikipedia Search Icon :
  2. Wikipedia Search from right click (context)menu :

I gave those two options so that you can pick the one suiting your style of browsing. The first extension adds an icon to the toolbar (the Wikipedia logo). You can click on the icon to open up the search box.

chrome tips  10 Google Chrome Tips for Students

The second extension gives you the option to search from the context menu. Whenever you find a piece of text that you want to look up in Wikipedia, select the word/words and right click, then choose Search Wikipedia.

3. Paste and Search

Paste and Go is one of the first Chrome tips I learned and I have been using them for a long time now. It saves a lot of time. Here is the trick. When you copy text from a another application to perform a Google search, you do not need to paste and then do another click to search. Just right click the omnibox and say Paste and Search

If you are copying text from another webpage in Chrome to perform the search, you can simple select the text, right click and say, Search Google.

4. Paste and Go

Almost similar to the last tip, Paste and Search. Here, you paste a URL and say Paste and Go to save time.

5. Re-size Text Area

When you are on any text field form, look at the bottom right corner of the field and you will see a small icon (3 lines). Click and drag the icon to re-size the text field.

6. Press ALT and click a link.

Downloads the target of the link. Makes it easy to download stuff while researching online.

7. Drag Files to Attach and Upload

While you are on a website and trying attach a file from your computer, instead of selecting the file, browsing through your computer, just drag the file from your computer and drop it to the upload box on the website.

8. Drag Links To Omnibar To Open Them

There are many ways to open a link in a new tab. Right click and select open in new tab, hold CTRL and click the link or click the link with the middle button or scroll button of the mouse. Now, here is one more tip, in case this works faster for you. Drag the link to the omnibar (the area above the addressbox) ideally after the new tab button,  and the link will open in a new tab.

9. Open PDF files in Chrome

It takes a lot of time for the PDF viewer on a PC to open and then display your PDF file. If you open it using Chrome, it will save a lot of time for you. Very good if you want to do a quick reference of a PDF file. You can drag the PDF and drop in to a tab to open it, or press CTRL + O and locate the file for Chrome, the traditional way. But you will use the drag and drop, won’t you?

10. Google Dictionary Extension

Really useful for quick dictionary check. Simple double click a word to get the meaning. I use it all the time and I am sure it will be a great addition for students. Get it here.