Globe Bug ba? Eto Butas!

This is UNLIALLTRIO1400 Trick

Adantage:  Freenet forever and no cap
DisAdvantage: no call and text


1. Nokia phone

2. Globe sim

3. Common-sense


1. Dapat hindi kayo naka REGISTER sa anumang browsing promo ng globe.
2. Mas madali itong gawin sa nokia phones dahil may speed dial.
3. Go to write message and type UNLIALLTRIO1400 and send to 8888 but before that…
4. Save this to your contact *143*1*3*2*1# as A and if saved, make this your speed dial.
5. Now send the message at habang nagse-send dapat madial mo kaagad yung nai-save na number…
6. Repeat step 3,4, and 5 every 1 minute if you still can’t browse
7. Enjoy!

Credits goes to the explorer and herlocker 🙂

Kung Bug lang ang hanap mo try this:

1. Type BBMAX599 send to 8888
then dial *143*5*6*4*1*1#

2. Type SUPERSURF999 send to 8888
then dial *143*5*6*4*1*1#

3. alternate niyong gagawin
iyang 1 & 3, 5 times ha..

4. Use the sim to browse to check if it is already registered.

credit to knickknock

By aldecruz