I had come up with the idea of making this site for personal use only. Like sort of a notebook where I put on notes… but with style, through cyber space!

I’ll try to make some updates not leaving the original post…  if ever I had free time.

Short Story

I got my very first computer when I was in my 2nd year in college. Windows then was just the 3.1 version. Haha wonder what year was that.

​I would like to thank Troy, ate Dul and Macaria who unselfishly taught me and let me use their PC which was considered then a very delicate gadgets during those years. I learned from them how to use the wordstar (youngster doesn’t recognize this anymore lol) and the flowchart which was very useful softwares back then.

They showed me the shortcuts, tricks and many others— made me computer literate.

Now friends and peers sometimes approach me to help in some computer troubles etc. One time someone asked me to write down the things I had done to his computer and as I was jotting down the steps i said to myself, “Hey, why not put this notes where I and others can readily and easily to get”. The net!

I apologized to all advance users who happened to visit this site. This is just a work of a still novice one hehe so instead you can send me something I can learn and add to this.